musical memories

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i was just listening to the song “gimme 3 steps” by lynyrd skynyrd and man what a flashback! i love it when songs do that. bring you back to a different time.

this one had the image of an old boyfriend, todd, pop into my head. it often does. i remember when we were living in the dorms and my skinny-no-ass-redneck-teenager boyfriend was singing this song and really gettin into it. it was a song he really loved and so i learned to love it as well. but the memory is more than that. i can recall vividly the smile on his face as he sang and danced to it and acted it out…getting really close and in my face and just really thoroughly enjoying the song. it brings back the feelings i had way back then, watching him sing that song. brings back how at that time i was really enjoying watching HIM enjoying that song. it was a good memory.

now, of course, there were lots of not so great memories with the same guy…but since i’ve grown so much since that youthful relationship, i prefer to remember the happy times. for some reason that particular relationship has healed in my heart i guess (it took a LOT of years to get to that point) and i’ve since been in touch with todd and maybe that has helped me to be able to let go of the negative of that time. so i really enjoy this memory flashback of todd singing and dancing to “gimme 3 steps”…a 19yr old little stick of a kid, oozing with fun and sexiness (which back then was my whole world, but now i just remember fondly)…its a good memory.

i can remember fondly times and people from my past without tainting my present. i love that. because of course i am so completely in love with my husband now and wouldn’t dream of wishing for a time or person long since past, even if it was a possibility (which its not, and i’m glad). its a good feeling.

another musical memory…whenever i listen to zztop or acdc or early bon jovi…it takes me back to the 80s and high school…and the gang i used to hang out with back then. acdc particularly takes me back to cruisin in the camaro with tom, ken, ryan, and chris. LOL, and i just remembered the song “hey jude” (beatles, i think?) and that always makes me think of chris belting out that song in the backseat with me…and the song “living on a prayer” makes me remember vividly ken trying to hit those high notes, LOL!!! and just cruisin around as a teenager, happy as can be, without a care in the world, feeling accepted and loved in my gang of guys. (i was usually the only girl in that gang…but there were plenty of tempestuous times when my world was rocked by those same guys…but these songs i’m referring to remind me of the good times.)

right now i’m listening to ace of base…this first song “its a beautiful life” makes me think of so many times because i listened to this album a lot…but right now it makes me think of being lodge chief at SCICON outdoor school and when i used to crank this album when i had a girl’s cabin in the lodge helping me clean…and they would be dancing and bebopping to the music while cleaning tables and windows…SO FUN!! i also think of that time when i play WAM! “wake me up before you go-go” because i used to play that song when i would be the guide that had to supervise in the kitchen with the kids dishwashing…they would be be-bopping to 80s pop while they washed and dried dishes…so funny! most of those kids probably listen to rap crap normally and i exposed them to a different time and world, LOL!!!

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