mr mcgroovy, where have you been all my life?

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today tyren was wanting to play in our fireplace fort. we have a corner fireplace in the middle of our living room which has 2 open sides and back when maeven was like 1, i got tired of trying to keep her out of it since no matter how much i cleaned it it still was sooty, and we never used it as a fireplace, so i got a cardboard box and made a fort for her in it. it worked really well for quite some time…but over the years (gosh, its been like 5 or 6 years that that thing has been in there!) its gotten pretty beat up and now it is falling apart.

poor tyren never got to really reap its benefits and he recently discovered it, of course. so now that the roof is falling in and the thing is filthy inside, he wants to play in it! so of course i decided i just had to rebuild it with a new box!

something made me google building with cardboard, not sure why…i guess because the duct tape i used for it never really was a great way to do it. it still was kinda droopy and hair got stuck in it from time to time.

so anyway i googled and look what i found!!! well of course i had to buy some! so i’m very excited that by the end of the week, i may just be making us a new fort! and i think i’ll be playing around with some other forts as well! i can’t wait to play with it! and i’ll let maeven design her own little house for her room too…she’ll love that!

i’ll post pics when we make something…i’m so excited!!!

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