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woke up early today cuz adam had to leave to go on a shoot and it woke me up…and i figured it would be a good thing to get up and start working on things.

what i really want to be doing is getting my new site, family palooza, up and running for business…so i can start making money on it. but i’m stuck trying to upgrade to the latest version of joomla (hoping that will solve the problem i’m having getting the darn search engine friendly urls feature to work…which i don’t want to launch the site officially without those urls fixed.) but my stupid FTP program keeps timing out when i’m trying to transfer files for the test drive over to my computer! i keep giving up. so the project is taking FOREVER!

for those of you that don’t understand a word i just said…suffice it to say that i’m beating my head against a wall over here on some web stuff. it’ll all get worked out eventually, but until then, i’m stuck in limbo on this site and its driving me NUTS!

so today adam will be gone most of the day and i have to figure out what to do with my kids. since we’ve not been doing much of anything lately, i suppose i should try to find something fun to do. i have decided that i need to start moving towards unplugging them because we’ve fallen into a rut of tv and computer lately. with the heat, its hard not to. but i need to just make a pact with myself to unplug them (at least some of the time), and DO IT. ok, i can do this. i can! :)

i do have some great inspiration. my favorite blog right now is pepper paints (thank you, beckie for turning me on to this one!!!) and she is just a wonderful inspiration and follows the activities on the unplug your kids blog, which i now am going to start checking out. i finally found my paint brushes in the shed in the backyard and am starting to pull out art supplies, (they all have to be cleaned with mold cleaner before we can use them so its a pain in the ASS!!) but i’m going to continue to work on it slowly. keep chipping away at it. as i am so many projects in my life, LOL.

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