More Joyful Parenting

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oh my, there are so many wonderful things to be read on the net! i did a search for “joyful parenting” and found another wonderful site and article.

i really like this:

“The greatest gift you can give your children is your full attention and awareness. This means to fully be there with your children in the present moment with all of your senses. Look deeply into your child’s eyes; fully experience her voice and what it sounds like. Feel what she is conveying to you through her words, facial expressions and gestures. Breathe in your child’s unique smell. Touch her and really feel what her skin feels like.”

i have really found this to be true…i figured out awhile ago that i can get so caught up in life that i forget to really pay attention to my children…i could go days without actually looking in their eyes! so i would stop and really look at them…look in their eyes…MAN what a difference! it really helps me refocus!

just looking into your child’s eyes really does change your whole perspective. i am so loving this stuff i’m reading! its really helping me think and change my thinking. i am so looking forward to tomorrow with my family! :)

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