menu plan monday

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i just learned about this from a blog i read. well i had seen it awhile ago but never really read it so i just actually read the details…coincidentally right when i had made a menu for the week.

menu making is something i REALLY need to do regularly because we tend to put off grocery shopping and making dinner so we end up eating out a lot. so i want to change that.

i’m not assigning days for the recipes because i like to have the flexibility to pick which ones to do when. i used to do this a long time ago and it worked well for us. i just cross off the meal once we’ve eaten it so we can see what we still have the fixings for.

soooo, without further ado. here’s what i got figured out for the next week (and i need to go grocery shopping tomorrow!)


french toast sandwiches
coffee cake/fruit
blueberry muffins/fruit
oatmeal/fruit (again)


turkey sandwich/tortilla chips/fruit
dinner leftovers
pizza muffins/fruit
turkey rice/carrots
caesar chicken wraps
dinner leftovers (again)


beef-n-bean tortellini soup
beef-n-bean chili
pizza loaf
caesar chicken wraps
spicy pepper penne
pepperoni pasta salad
pizza delivery (date night)

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  1. A.

    It looks good! Do you have a recipe you would share for the pizza loaf? It sounds like something my picky family would love!

  2. Tina

    a-i’ll type it up when i get a chance…i got it out of quick cooking magazine and haven’t got it currently on my computer. 🙂

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