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OMG!!! this is the best movie EVER!!! i can’t say enough how much i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie!!!! saw it last nite with my mom. went on my way home to target and picked up the cd. now my kids and i totally bebop to the soundtrack every day.

i am so wanting to see it again! i want to get to know the songs a little more first…then maybe go again with a group of friends or something…or maybe i’ll just wait til its out on dvd and watch it over and over at home, LOL!

here’s my favorite scene:

especially the choreographed dance at the end…meryl streep is AMAZING in this film!!! i just LOVE how she portrays donna as such a fun and free-spirited person! SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! she damn well better win an oscar!

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