mama is enjoying her work!

perhaps its because these projects are new…perhaps its because of the specific projects…perhaps its something else that i’ve not realized yet…regardless of the reasons…i’m really excited these days about the projects i’m working on!!

i’ve dropped babyfest (still working on handing it over to someone new…waiting for word back from them on that…if they don’t do it, it will just die. sad but its time for me to move on.)

i’ve essentially dropped my websites, fresno family and mommy chats.
well they’re still there but i don’t think about them much anymore, since i have not time or desire to do anything with them currently…so its off my radar for now. i’m not ready to let them go completely because there are people who still benefit from both of them regularly…they just are not being worked on right now, and won’t be again for awhile. i’m really too busy for them. nice to know that they are still there to come back to later though. and they are fine as they are right now. fresno family is a resource site, so i don’t HAVE to do anything with it…its full of stuff already…and mommy chats is mostly just for chatting…and people still do that…so that’s fine. 🙂

my current projects are the learning village (TLV) and the discovery center (TDC). and these 2 projects go hand-in-hand…pretty smooth, eh? 🙂

i just FINISHED the 1023 for TLV…yes, you read that right…i FINISHED IT!! WOOHOO!
that’s the irs form that makes us a tax-exempt nonprofit, for the uninitiated. 🙂

so what that means for me now is that i can focus on the rest of the details for the center. this is the fun part! and i’m JAZZED about it!

i’m also really jazzed about my latest development…i have been put in charge of organizing a new volunteer force at TDC to help improve their site and programs…and i already have a team of helpers to create a plan and put it into action! so i’m really seeing things moving forward and i’m super excited about it all!

i have a notebook that i’ve been brainstorming in and have come up with all sorts of great ideas for both centers. i am very much looking forward to the rest of this year, and all it holds! and once we get TLV up and running and improved things at TDC…my children will be benefiting SO MUCH! that’s the most exciting benefit of these projects!!

  1. Anonymous

    It sounds as though you have some great things brewing! I admire the fact that you are able to leave some things behind and move forward to where your heart feels called (without the guilt!)

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