maeven’s mermaid party and vomiting

great title, eh?

i spent the last week or so busting my butt to plan maeven’s mermaid party because i procrastinated, as usual. it all turned out great, though! i’ll post about that later.

but as soon as maeven got home from the party (we had it at a friend’s property, in their “big barn”, which is a big building that they have for events and such) she started vomiting.

tyren had this vomiting bug thursday and friday and now apparently maeven has it too. one gets well just as the other gets better. now we’re just hoping that neither adam nor i get it.

oh what a fun night i have ahead of me! and my poor baby too. i suspect there will be no sleep tonight…and last night i was lacking in the sleep dept (stayed up to plan the last minute stuff for the party)…so this should be extra fun! NOT!

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