maeven’s christmas

Little girl sitting in her bed with a book, smiling at the camera

maeven is growing up so much! this year for christmas i was thinking of how i want my kids to be giving and caring and thinking of ways to help enforce that…so adam and i talked and decided to let maeven have $50 to spend on all the people she would like to get gifts for this year. i want her to be able to understand the value of money, as well as the value of giving. and i want her to learn how to stretch her money and how to carefully choose presents.

she and i started a list of people that she wanted to get gifts for (or make for) and we started thinking of ideas. i told her she could choose if she wants to make or buy gifts for the people on her list…making gifts being more special and able to stretch the money more…but of course buying gifts is exciting for her as well. so i took her to big lots and dollar tree to see if she could find things to buy. she had a blast!

she was so excited! bouncing around and looking at things carefully and just having a grand old time! i would point out lots of different ideas to her and let her make up her own mind about things…and suggesting that since she already had 10 people on her list and only $50, that she might want to not go over $5 a person…or maybe a little less for some and a little more for others. tough concept, so i figured the best way for her to learn it is first-hand. so we’ll see how it goes. she’s about halfway through her money now, and got some neat things, i think! she’s very carefully thinking everything through. i love to see her thinking like this. so fun to see.

she’s also very excited because i told her that if we got her bedroom cleaned up (it was beyond a wreck) that i would go into the shed and pull out xmas decorations for her to use in her room. so we worked together (it was tough, but we did it) and got the floor completely cleaned and put most everything away. there’s still stuff piled on top of surfaces we need to work on…so i’m going to push that today…and then i’ll get those decorations out. should be fun!

Little girl on all fours making a silly face

its so fun having these moments like this with her. she really can be a lot of fun! 🙂 gawd i love my children! both of them!!! sooooooo much!!! 🙂

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