maeven is on the net!

i’m having so much fun with maeven’s blog…i decided to create one for her so we could have some fun together with it. i want her to have a place to post stories, upload her pics and sharing her likes/dislikes with friends and family…that sort of thing…

i’m not going to link it here because i don’t want her blog on the net for all to see so i’ve made it private and put a tag in it to keep it from being crawled by the search engines… if you want to see it, email me.

anyway i taught her about blinkies and she’s just having a blast with them! i took her through a couple of blinkie sites and found alot to put on her site. she’s still learning what a blog is about and keeps saying that “i’m not quite sure what you mean”, lol when i talk about what she can do with her blog…i think she’ll get it over time though. fun!

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