lists still sorta working

well maeven and i are still using lists to stay on track with what we are doing each day. it really feels good to me, even if we don’t check everything off every day.

i’ve decided that weekends will be to catchup (if possible) on anything we didn’t get done the week before…for maeven it is primarily for housework catchup…i’m not making her do schoolwork catchup on weekends.

i continue to write my lists daily…maeven’s goes into a notebook (so we have a permanent record of what she did each day) and mine goes up on the dry erase board, since it changes frequently (and i don’t need a permanent record). so far this is working pretty well! my only fear is that i won’t be able to keep it up.

surprisingly, maeven’s not fighting me tooth and nail on it either…perhaps because she can see the end of what she has to do. that’s my theory, at least.

anyway, i’m off track right now and must get back to our lists…in 10 min maeve’s tv show (first episodes of the new “electric company” on today) will be over and i need to get her back to her list.

i feel good about how much she’s already done today…but there’s still a lot to do. must get back to work!

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