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My desk chair broke. It kept leaning further and further back and then I discovered that there is a crack in the metal piece underneath and needs to be replaced because the back metal part just keeps sliding into the crack and leaning way back. And I was thinking I could just replace that part, but now the washer slipped into the crack, and damned if I can get it to budge out of the sideways position it now is jammed into in that crack…I will see if we can figure it out, but if not, it’s getting trashed and I’ll get a new chair at some point. Until then, I get to use one of these old wooden chairs again…as you can see in the image above (which Chairman was sitting and posing in and I had to snap a pic of.)

Ah, my messy desk, but it still is my favorite place in the house. So sunny in this room and I just LOVE my desk and I love working on my websites! So there’s that! It brings me joy, so if I can get comfortable (difficult right now) I will see if I can get some work accomplished today towards getting one of my businesses closer to actually making money.

So many ideas and nothing getting very close to actually producing money yet. SIGH.

But I will sit at my desk and get SOMETHING accomplished because I will feel like a total loser if I don’t.

And Tyren is actually doing fantastic with his homeschooling, very self-directed finally. He reminds me every Monday to print up his list of assignments for the week…so that is covered. For the first time in a very long time, I feel pretty proud of how homeschooling is going! And have a plan for the future. Even got some stuff sorted out yesterday. I do need to look into Khan Academy for him to start doing some math until we can afford his next level of math though…we’ve been stuck in limbo over math for awhile and I just discovered yesterday that he feels like the math site he was using was useless. So I’m hoping Khan will fit the bill, at least temporarily. And it’s free!

OW…my aching head. I woke up with another migraine. I think that is 3 days in a row now. Well, I did go for a couple of days without my meds…in between getting the new prescription…so this usually happens when that happens. A couple of days of back to back migraines. It will take a few days or so for things to get back on track now that I finally got a refill. At least I know the meds work.

But it sure does make me feel bleh. And I’m still quite sore.

Yeah, this is going to be another whiney post. Or as the Brits say “whinge”. I love that word, “whinge”. I think it sounds much more exotic. I am going to whinge a bit now. Just a warning. It’s my blog and I’ll whinge if I want to.

Hmmmmm just looked up the official definition of whinge and it means complaining (which is totally appropriate here) and then that made me wonder what the definition of whining was…and that’s more the sound in conjunction with the complaining. So I suppose that whinging IS a more appropriate word here.

ANYHOO (as my high school chemistry teacher Mr. Vona used to say all the time)…I’m sore. I need a new pillow.

I went to the dentist yesterday. First time in 5 years. Started because I didn’t have insurance and couldn’t private pay anymore. Then I got dental through Covered CA and I just didn’t get around to going. Now I finally went because I have a tooth that’s been bothering me for months. New dentist says that he can replace the filling in it. But basically sees nothing wrong. At least I don’t have any new cavities. He said my teeth are “beautiful” but he did say my teeth are getting worn though. And asked if I grind my teeth. I don’t know if I do or not…Adam says he never noticed me grinding my teeth at night, just snoring. (A LOT…yeah, I already knew that…I wake myself up a lot with loud snorts. Fun.) But I have noticed that I grit my teeth during the day. Have to consciously relax my muscles sometimes. And my jaw (which I have TMJ) has been sore more lately. So….yeah…probably I grit my teeth in my sleep. Which would explain why my teeth overall have just been sore here and there a lot lately. Dentist recommended Sensodyne and a mouth guard to wear at night.

And my back and neck and right shoulder and elbow still hurt. I think that’s because of my pillow and my age. Friggin A I’m a complainer today. But this is just all making me feel so BLAH and not wanting to get anything done lately. I just want to lay around and feel sorry for myself. But I have to get back to work and accomplish something regardless.

Oh! I almost forgot! Maeven made a Xmas cake! And it was YUMMERS!!

This girlie sure likes her sweets! She is just like I was at her age. Can eat us all under the table and doesn’t gain a pound.

I have to actually ask her to NOT bake so much because she’s going to make us all gain weight if she keeps this up!

Last night I got Roblox on my iPad so I could play with my kids, who were doing some silly things on a game on Roblox. So there’s something I could do today to have fun when I take a break later.

Actually…right now, I’m so tired and sore from just sitting here typing this that I may just take a break and go lay on the couch and read some more from my brother’s book. I have gotten off track reading that lately and really want to get back to it. It’s GOOD!

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