life is changing…

i’m busy, as always…but its a different kind of busy. new things, i think. ok maybe i’m the only one that feels the difference. but there’s a lot going on, and i’m really happy with it all!

  • i’m letting go of babyfest, which i’m more than ready to do. (got a meeting tomorrow evening to meet with a group that will HOPEFULLY take it off my hands. if not, it may just die. which i’m ok with now, after 6yrs. it was a good run. i have no room in my life for it anymore.)
  • 6months ago i joined the discovery center board of trustees, but only now am i figuring out what that means. still figuring it out, but lately i’ve been doing all sorts of brainstorming and investigating to figure out what i can do to help TDC. i’m an action oriented person. i don’t go for just being there to vote on things. i need to be out there making things happen. 🙂 a big thing for me is going to my first FCASH meeting as a TDC rep. i’m excited!
  • i’m going full speed ahead on the learning village (TLV). frankly, i’m kicking ass on the 1023…this is the irs form that will make us a tax exempt nonprofit. we’re already a nonprofit corporation…this will make us tax exempt so that we can give people write-offs for donations and such. so much in the works right now for this center…i’m seriously JAZZED and am trying gather thoughts so that we can really kick things off on our opening date of july 1. just have to narrow the focus and save some things for later, once we are more underway. don’t want to bite off more than we can chew!
  • getting more into unschooling…joined our local unschooling united group. not fully involved yet, but i’m really enjoying the meetings and all that i’m learning from some of the books i’m reading. much more to learn, but this is really important to me…as i feel my way through this whole homeschooling experience. i’m still going to remain very eclectic, i suspect…and i have no problem with organized lessons for my kiddos as long as they are fun for them…but we’ve really been enjoying the way our days are going without the stress of what we “should” be doing…and i am still managing to sprinkle in things here and there (and plan to ramp it up a notch once i get to a point where i feel able…probably once we have TLV to be a part of our weekly lives.)
  • house has been doing better (with the exception of this week, which its started off really trashed…but for weeks before this it really was doing a LOT better…and i plan to get it back to there. had a migraine today so i will have to kick it into high gear tomorrow.) i’ve managed to not feel like i was drowning in it all. and the back yard has been my kids favorite place to hang out lately! maeven keeps saying how much she LOVES being out there! its shady and i’ve been watering the weeds around the mulberries and cutting them short so there’s not just dirt around there. 🙂 its really got a nice feel to it back there.

well that’s enough for now…writing about the mulberries reminded me that i didn’t give our baby silk worms fresh leaves today. yikes! maeven gave them a couple but i better go out and get some now before i forget again or they will be crawling all over our house by morning, in search of them!

  1. Colleen Battistoni

    Good for you Tina, you do need some breathing time too 🙂 enjoy your new endeavors, they sound very rewarding.

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