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i’m finally learning (at least for now) to let go of more things…it feels lately like i’m busy and yet i’m not being pulled in as many directions as i have been usually.

that makes no sense. well, trust me, it feels different to me.

what have i let go of? well, my websites, sorta. i still have them but i have decided to just put them all on hold unless someone specifically contacts me about something like an ad (which i still do, but they are mostly automatic…and frankly they just don’t bring in much money these days so i just don’t think about them much.) i have to force myself not to think about what else to do for my sites to make them flourish better. mommy chats, for one. i’m actually at the point that i would be ok selling it if someone offered me money. i don’t have time in my life for it anymore. and i think i’m past caring.

in fact, my new website idea, family palooza…i’m kinda not so into either. i may never get it up and running. or maybe i will. but i really don’t have the time to think about it right now.

i like doing websites, i really do…but right now i’m more into local projects.

i’d much rather put my time into the website for the learning village, since that’s something my family directly will benefit from. in fact…i really need to do some work on that site. i think i may go look into that right now actually. 🙂 i want to use that site as a place to have interactions with the community as well as a member section that is not public…and have the lending library detailed on the site…and think of all sorts of other ideas to add to the site. i think i’ll go look at some of the other homeschool resource centers i’ve bookmarked and see what ideas i can glean from them. 🙂

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  1. turnitupmom

    Tina, what you want always changes. Follow your heart, don’t feel guilty. Maybe you’re being called to a new direction?

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