lets see how my list looks now…

i forgot that i accomplished another thing from my massive list of things to do or things i’m working on…
i went and applied for WIC. they turned us down. said we made too much money…turns out she counted adam’s vacation pay that he had earned. i didn’t figure this out til after i had left. i am going to call and ask about that. and then i’m going to try again once his new paycheck with the paycut comes out. although i don’t know if that will help, since they go by the year to date info.

so next will be applying for medi-cal because the lady at WIC said that if we get approved for medi-cal that we will automatically be able to get WIC. they won’t check income again. so that’s my next step. have to finish filling out the application and mail that puppy in!

going over that list…

  • still planning maeven’s 8th bday party…but that will be over this saturday
  • medi-cal application is in the process of being filled out and it’s not that hard…i’ve done it before.
  • WIC–done
  • the learning village–i have the first thing all ready to send in…just need the $30 to send with it…had 2 people say they’d help with that.
  • the hansel and gretel exhibit at storyland–i have already struck out from all the major hardware stores…its a bad time to be asking for anything…but home depot said that i could ask again this month because they’d be getting more alottments for giving out again this month…and lowe’s didn’t turn me down but said they needed an official letter faxed to them. so i will be pursuing that first. after i get through maeven’s bday party!
  • stevesongs–i have a meeting next week with the discovery center (they asked me to join the board! and i said yes! that will be my first meeting) and i’m going to talk to them about that then. because right now is a bad time to ask for money…so i may have to push this back to a later date…not sure yet. its going to the backburner for now though until i can sort through some other things. not going to forget about it though! 🙂
  • babyfest–haven’t done anything on this in awhile. i really need to take a look at this soon and see what i need to be doing. but it really can wait until january if need be. i’m not too worried about it
  • maeven’s education–this is another thing that i need to get busy with again. not that we ever totally stop doing things to help her learn…but i’ve not had any focused one-on-one time with her for awhile…because of tyren and no one being able to take him off my hands or just not finding time in the evenings to do something with her (its really not a good time to do stuff but i may need to make it work) but tomorrow mom’s taking tyren for a little while so i will get to do some work with her. i’m looking forward to it! i really like to get that one-on-one time with her! its a silly time sometimes! and i think she’s going to eventually remember these times as such a special part of her childhood. i hope!
  • still don’t know how the hell to help us survive financially with the pay cut…but we’ll figure it out
  • now its looking more like we may very well be able to get that dang room done! rob is coming to do some more work on it this week and he and adam have gotten the frame of the walls up this past weekend! so exciting! so i’m more optimistic now and rob says that once he gets that other window done (that’s going to be a full day’s job most likely…its got brick around it and we’re not sure how its going to go) that the rest of the work is pretty small potatoes compared to what he’s already done. sooo…YAY! 🙂
  • housework–actually adam and i both got some done today…he did a lot to the living room and i have been hacking away at the dishes…so we’re getting there…i am going to plug away at that this week as well. 🙂
  • family palooza–starting to realize that that is going to take a lot longer to get going…although i’m still plugging away at it. but i’m working on the holiday hoopla now…that will get me some xmas money.
  • holiday hoopla–started gathering vendors!

ok so that’s all for now…i’m sure i will be able to find more things to add to my list and tweak…but its starting to look better to me now.

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