lazy organizer my butt!

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i’ve subscribed to the lazy organizer blog for awhile and really get a lot out of it. she really inspires me, yet i’ve yet to get going on any of the ideas yet, argh.

well today she’s really got me thinking. she posted this today: (post no longer exists)

basically it talks about how she disagrees with alfie kohn’s ideas against rewards and punishments.

i’ve had a similar thought for awhile…and while i do agree with some of the idea behind being against rewards/punishments and i do seem to subscribe to it in many aspects of my parenting…it just hasn’t felt entirely right in regards to helping my kids develop good habits in regards to things like housekeeping. and i’ve struggled with this for awhile and i’d like to blame the state of our housekeeping on this but i really can’t entirely. it is more about me just sucking at any sort of routine. but i digress.

i think lara has something here in saying that the rewards systems she uses to get her kids to help around the house regularly help them to develop the good habits of those chores. and i have recently come to my own conclusions on developing good habits…that its so very important. and i really should try focusing on this concept because i’m failing miserably currently.

*sigh* so yeah, “lazy organizer” my butt! she’s the most UNlazy person i’ve met online! now if i can just use these ideas and get my act in gear….grrr. training MYSELF is the hardest part of all!

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