law of attraction

i watched an episode of oprah about this yesterday and its starting to intrigue me. i have heard of this concept for awhile but hadn’t really gone very deep into it. i think maybe i should make some time to explore it more. there’s a bunch of books on the subject…i think i may need to check out some of the ones oprah recommended on the show. i don’t know…its so hard for me to get into reading lately. at least for myself. maeven and i are devouring chapter books that i’m reading aloud to her. (working on “a little princess” now)…but i’ve been struggling to get back into reading some really great books to myself lately. not sure why. just can’t seem to focus.

anyway, i think i am going to try this whole positive thinking thing…i thought i did that but the more i think about it, the more i realize that i beat myself up daily over anything and everything. i’m forever second guessing myself and all i do…not fun.

i need to google the law of attraction and see what i can find on the net, since i don’t have a book in my hand right now.

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