kids are ok, its mom that dislikes change to routine!

not that we have a set routine, really…but i have had things coming up lately that have been pretty important and they have made me feel like i’m running around like a madwoman at times to accomplish them. honestly, its only here and there, but its really make me detest changes to my usual week.

like next week i have tyren’s dentist appt (rescheduled because he threw an absolute fit and refused to even get out of his carseat when we went the week before babyfest…hoping that that week was just stressful for us all and so he was picking up on that and this next week he’ll be better about it…we’ll see), and i have to drop the kids off at my mom’s so i can go with my dad to DMV and transfer ownership of the van to us (its always been theirs but they paid it off recently and want to make it official…even though it lives at our house and we primarily use it) and get my driver’s license renewed…something i didn’t realize that i had let expire.

i think there are other things on my calendar next week too that i’m forgetting…i’ve had meetings lately to go to and more that are getting put on the calendar…not that i mind…i actually enjoy getting involved in things that are important enough to have official meetings, LOL! but just don’t want my weeks filling up with these things. i MUCH prefer to be able to just relax and enjoy my kids and work on the house on a typical day. running from thing to thing is just not my thing.

today is a bit much too…i have my daughter’s friend that is getting dropped off any minute, to spend the whole day because her mom is out of town today (which isn’t a bad thing…we like having her, she’s no problem at all so long as my kids cooperate and don’t spend the whole time fighting over time with her)…then my mother-in-law will be here at 10 for her maeven time (which will be maeven/brooke time today) and i have to be ready and get tyren ready to go to music class by 10:15…and then later on this afternoon there’s 4pm kid yoga…and then sometime after that brooke gets picked up and maeven goes out to her nana/bompa time.

not really any big things, but for some reason i’m feeling this morning like my day is crammed. probably also because i am trying to figure out how to go help a friend tomorrow to work on her yard…leaving the kids with adam if he’s able to do it…i really really want to help, but i’m not sure yet if adam will be able to do this since he has a shoot but doesn’t yet know what time that will be, and i don’t like not knowing exactly how things are going to go…its bugging me! LOL!

i don’t know, i’m just really feeling a bit overwhelmed with life this week…thinking of all the things i keep adding to my calendar and especially about that dentist appt looming on monday. its something that has to happen or else we are going to have to take tyr in to get him put under general anesthesia to get those teeth fixed…and i’m REALLY trying to avoid that because it scares the crap outta me, not to mention how he will be affected by it! just want to get the whole thing over with and fixed so we don’t have to worry anymore.

i just hate feeling stressed…i really don’t feel it all that often anymore (at least, lately)…so when i do, its such a yucky feeling. bleh. makes me feel like i’m in knots. probably once i get my day going and we get through a few of things things and i get to the point where i’m not thinking about the dentist, things will be better.

on the plus side, i’m moving forward very well with the learning village paperwork. got the bylaws written a couple days ago!! woohoo, go me! and i may have someone (hope hope hope) to take the babyfest off my hands, so that will be one less thing i’ll have to deal with (of course, that wouldn’t be til the end of this year when i’d be working on it again…but its a project that is always lingering in the back of my consciousness…so i’ll be glad to be able to get it OUT of my head completely! and into good hands!)

anyway, i’m not sure why i feel all tense this morning…probably i didn’t get enough sleep and that dentist appt is looming…i need to find something else to think about and get my mind on happy things…time to work on the learning village papers…it so makes me happy. 🙂

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