Joyful Parenting

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i just spent a long time writing in my journal (my non-online one) about how i want to parent and how i need to change the way i parent to fit what i really truly want my children to learn…it revolved around wanting to be joyful. so i just went online to see what i can find online about “joyful parenting” and immediately i found and i found this really terrific quote:

“Children either change behaviors because they fear consequences (which often turn into unresolved resentment) or they do it because it is a part of who they are and who they learn to become through observing the actions of their thoughtful, compassionate and wise parents.”

that is SO what i want for my children. i don’t want their lives steeped in stress. i don’t want them to learn to ignore all else but the overwhelming emotions inside them…no…i want them to know true joy, and to be able to deal with the negative, when it arises, in a healthy way, and to steep themselves and their lives instead with joy. i want them to have wonderful childhood memories of great joy. lots and lots of fun and happiness! and in order for that to happen i have to MAKE it happen.

i’m very hard on myself though…because just as i’m writing this and thinking about all the things i’m teaching them with my messy house and financial strain and constant stress…i just had a lightbulb moment that maybe i’m not doing all THAT bad because amidst all this…because today (and this is not at all unusual in our home *pat self on back*) we cranked up the theme song from the curious george movie and danced around the living room like the sillies we are. even adam, who wouldn’t be caught dead dancing in public…seems to really enjoy dancing like a lunatic for his children. a truly joyful moment with lots of giggles from the children…that’s what it’s all about, truly. joy. real joy. fun moments and love and joy.

maybe i’m not doing so bad after all. 🙂

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