its amazing what you can get done in an hour

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my kitchen is always a wreck. i mean really bad. i’m not so great at housework in any part of the house but the kitchen just really gets trashed. and many times i just can’t handle even thinking about it so i just let it go and of course that makes it worse.

the reason i’m thinking of all this right now is that i was reading a blog post elsewhere (don’t remember where right now) and it was all about how happy she is that her house is in order and how good they are about picking things up and all that blah blah blah whatever. sickening really. LOL! i just can’t handle reading how perfect someone else’s house is when my own house is just not anything i can keep up with. ok so i know its my own fault and yes i could probably change things if i put my mind to it but my mind is always going 20 different directions at once and my house tends to be lower on the priority list than so many other things…so i’ve never been particularly neat to begin with and with kids…its just magnified. and i suck and enforcing rules about picking up after themselves because i myself am not all that great at it.

yes, i hate it, but i’m also soooooo tired of beating myself up about it so i’m learning to just live with life as it is and how we are and trying to let it go and do what i can when i can. i get this burst of energy from time to time and it makes me do whirlwing cleaning and then i’m seriously happy for a day or two til it gets destroyed.

so last nite it was the kitchen. for some reason i decided i really had to get a grip on it. so since the kids were buy with a christmas special on tv, and adam was working so no guilt for not spending time with the family…here’s what i started with:

and just an hour later, here’s what i was able to get done:

yeah there was still plenty to do but i did a LOT of dishes! i hand washed most of them and even dried and put a bunch away! the junk all over the counter is mostly peanut hulls from like a week ago when we were eating a big bag of peanuts and somehow a bunch ended up on the counter. adam was like “did we get more peanuts?” and i was like “no, those are from the bag before, but were buried under all the dirty dishes!!” yikes!

and notice the pitcher of tea that i brewed? that’s the best purchase i’ve made in years! while i was cleaning i even got some ice tea made! :) and the things still in the sink are soaking in hot water, and i cleaned them later. now the counters are even cleaned, i just haven’t taken pics yet.

i didn’t take a lot of pictures that time around because i wasn’t done yet…did more later and then more this morning…and i plan to finish it up this evening, but right now i have a migraine and so the pics will have to wait for my vicodin to kick in. :) vicodin good! :)

anyway the gist is that i was quite proud of myself for getting so much done in a relatively short amount of time. go me!

but isn’t this a better post than the ones where everything is just perfect and their houses are in order and their kids are all well behaved and their marriage is perfect and everything is hunky dory? i hate those people. LOL! doesn’t it feel better knowing i’m a slob? LOL!

and don’t worry, the kitchen will probably only stay clean like a day.

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