“It” humor

OMG! My daughter (17yrs) is hilarious! She has her dad’s sense of humor…

We were just discussing the movie IT…something she’s really wanting to see, the new one…and how I loved the 90s version until the end…when we (all my dorm friends…we all watched it together in college) were all like “WHAAAT? It’s a stupid SPIDER??”

My daughter says, well that’s because you didn’t understand it Mom…meaning, I didn’t get that it was a shape shifter…Which I agreed, because I thought it was a spider all along, and the clown was like her minion.

To which my daughter cracked up and said, in an evil, gravelly voice: “ah yes, my clown minion, go get me some children!! And while you’re at, it make me a balloon animal!”

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself!!

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