it feels like i’m doing nothing

but i really am accomplishing things…

2 biggies:
our car registration was due on monday but it hadn’t been smogged yet (and it was due)…i had thought we could get it done over the weekend but adam had some complications from his tooth extraction friday, so the weekend was full of pain and nausea for him so he couldn’t do it and i couldn’t leave the kids with him. finally on monday, i just took the kids with me and did it. i didn’t want to wait til the registration was late, because then i cannot pay it online…and its MUCH easier to pay it online then to have to drag the kids to the DMV with me! (what a nightmare!)

so i drove down blackstone and found a tiny smog place…i knew there was one on that street i’d gone to before but couldn’t remember exactly where…i think the one i found is different, but it did just fine! (its on the west side of the street, south of shaw, just before bobby salazar’s if anyone local to me wants to find it! the only reason i saw it, since its set back from the street a bit, is that they had a van parked right near the street that said “SMOG HERE” or something like that…smart move, on there part cuz it worked!) anyway, there was only one other car there when we went, and it was on its way out, so no waiting (HUGE plus!) and then they had a cute (albeit, smoke smelling) little waiting room with a space heater and a tv, and tons of little toys like lego…the kids didn’t want to leave when, after just about 15 min they were done! LOL! actually, i was enjoying watching “seventh heaven” for the first time in awhile and didn’t want to leave either! LOL!

cost me $48 (no idea if that’s standard fee or not, but it seemed pretty normal) and 15 or so minutes of my time with no hassle from the kids! pretty awesome! i was totally expecting a long wait and bored kids and behavior problems and such…nope. what a relief!

so then we headed home and i paid our car registration online and we’re done! WOOHOO! (‘course, i had to use our xmas money to pay the $75 for the registration, cuz we didn’t have enough left in our main bank account to cover it.)

then the other big thing we’ve accomplished:
having adam’s teeth FINALLY done. this is something that he has put off for about a year and a half! we knew it needed to be done cuz he had one that was sideways, like a 90 degree angle! and was getting food caught in the space back there and just made for a bad situation…but he still put it off for quite awhile…finally found the time to deal with it…and even though he’s had complications (one of the extractions has turned into dry socket) its nice that its over with. he just needs to finish healing. its been a week and he’s still dealing with it…but it will all be well again soon. (and after he’s all healed, we’ll start talking about getting that vasectomy we’ve been planning…but needed to wait til the teeth were done).

so getting those 2 big things over and done with has really made me feel good…even if my long list of other things to get done continues to grow.

but seriously, i am the kind of person that feels REALLY good once a big thing is accomplished…so getting 2 of them done in the past week has been really nice.

its funny because this time of the year you hear of so many people sooooo busy…and i always am. but not like others. i don’t have any xmas parties to attend or plan, no major decorations (we have our tree up and that’s about all i do, and the kids decorated it…it has more to put up but tyr keeps taking them off the tree and playing with them so i will just give up on that!) i don’t have cookies or any other xmas baking to do…i don’t do gifts for any friends, or xmas cards…never have…only family, and this year they’re getting photo gifts once i get the pics sent off to walmart to print. a little work to laminate some of the gifts (we’re making things like bookmarks and fridge magnets with pics of the kids…very inexpensive, but still, hopefully, something they’ll like!) but nothing huge like knitting an afghan!

my biggest thing is just trying to find time (and ideas!) for gifts! i cannot even figure out what to get my own kids!!

i also have the money issue this year that we’ve not had in quite awhile…since maeven was born, actually…we’ve always had a xmas bonus check to cover xmas, for the most part. this year we are counting on NOT getting that, so i’m trying to figure out more ways to make extra money, since all our money is tied up in paying bills that eventually will run out and we will need to scrounge to pay! we have NO extra money for anything, so i’m having to MAKE money for xmas. i had like $260 i earned around the holiday hoopla on my site mommychats. but i used some of it already on stocking stuffers (i’ll blog separately about that…this is getting long)…and a chunk for DMV and i’ve had to dip into it a little for food. so we are down to like $100 now, i think, for xmas…so i need to sell some stuff on ebay quick to make some money (i have a bunch of collectible ornaments i have been trying to find time to photograph, and a ton of disney movies i don’t want anymore). i’m also going to have to get some ad specials up on my website so that i can get some cash there too. its just finding the TIME! its all very time consuming to do…and in the meantime i’m feeling really bad about my kids not having my attention!

*sigh* there’s just not enough time in the day!

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