intelligent design vs evolution

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wow, this is really cool…i just learned (and i have no idea when it happened…i may just be late getting the news, lol!) that there was a court ruling against teaching intelligent design in public schools. this just seems so obvious to me, so bizarre to me that anyone would even challenge it. here’s the article.

i’m not christian, so obviously i’m not a creationist. well i guess i could still be…i supposed christians aren’t the only ones that are creationists…well anyway…my belief system is more of creation AND evolution. i’ve always believed that they go hand in hand and that the anti-evolution extremists who claim that all the scientific evidence that has been found supporting evolution is fake are just living life in lalaland. i suppose i am a bit of an intelligent design believer…but not at the exclusion of evolution…and i DON’T believe that the theory belongs in public schools…where religion has NO place.

i’ve had this discussion of creation vs evolution with my dad (recently retired united methodist pastor) many times and he agrees with me….we don’t believe its an either/or thing. we believe creation and THEN evolution. seems really silly to us to think that god WOULDN’T create things that were capable of evolving! how can you limit god like that? so silly!

also case in point is that we don’t know how long it took god to create things…i don’t believe in the bible’s account (my view of the bible is that it’s a book of mythology that many take literally, but which i personally do not…probably are some truths in there, but i tend to think interpretation and embellishments have made it what it is today), but even if you do believe in the one week theory, which my dad does…we have no idea how long GOD’s weeks are (certainly not the same as human weeks!) could easily be millions or billions of human years…and the evolution that we see evidence of could be the actual creation process. makes perfect sense to me.

one thing i’m sure of…no one can say for sure what IS true or not. its all just theory…religious or scientific. and we all just have our own take on it. i really don’t know what the “truth” is…if there even is a truth. its all interesting, but i find it beyond ludicrous that the religious extremists keep trying to push their agenda into public schools (which thankfully have no bearing on me as a homeschooler, but it still annoys me) and claiming that its not about religion. yeah, right.

this is just as stupid to me as the people that are trying so hard to keep things like the ten commandments in court buildings and such…HELLO???? “separation of church and state???” this is so friggin rude to those of different beliefs that its not even funny! this is why i get so pissed off at religious extremists because they think that they have the right to push their agenda down everyone’s throats and show no respect whatsoever for differing viewpoints. they really seriously don’t see how rude it is. so ridiculous!

that’s like when i used to hang out in the beliefs chat room on aol (which, by the way, aol is the worst for trolls so i stopped going there a long time ago…they have the nastiest trolls on the planet, i swear…had some guy wish me a second miscarriage on there once…after hearing me talk about being scared about being pg again after losing the last one…nice, eh? some people really don’t deserve to exist.) and people would always be quoting scriptures to support their arguments (on various topics)…i kept pointing out to them that quoting scripture as proof of their case to someone that doesn’t believe in the bible really doesn’t prove anything! so stupid! yet they just wouldn’t get it and would continue to spout off about how (those of us that disagreed with them) were going to hell, yada yada….which was laughable because that threat really holds no weight to someone who doesn’t believe in hell…but i digress, LOL!

i just really have no tolerance for intolerance, LOL! wow, that’s really a contradiction, isn’t it? well its the truth…religious extremists make my skin crawl. i’m so sick of the holier-than-thou attitudes that they spew and while i’m not christian, i do have many family and friends whom i love dearly that are, and i do respect their beliefs, and so these religious wackos with their crazy ideas on what is “christian” really piss me off because they are giving a BAD name to christianity…which is supposed to be a religion of kindness (that’s how i was raised that it was!) and there is no kindness in arrogantly believing your beliefs make you better than someone else.


anyway, i’m glad to see that there was a court case upholding that intelligent design is just religious belief attempting to be disguised as scientific theory…and that it doesn’t belong in public schools where we’re supposed to separate church and state. yay judge! 🙂

  1. Ms. Doe

    Well, I have to agree with you on some stuff. I, too, can’t stand those who are super religious. While I am a Christian, I do not feel that it is my place to shove my beliefs down any one’s throat. Not only that, but who am I to say that my religion is THE best? All religions, I feel, have their place. They are all out there with the same message…Love one another. Isn’t that what it’s all about? But anyway, what I was mainly wanting to reply to was about evolution vs. creation. As a future (hopefully) teacher I think it’s important to keep your mind open to teaching about lots of different subjects. As a child, I know that it was difficult for me to grasp the idea that in church we learn that God made us, yet in school we learn that we evolved. I think you’re right, Tina, when you say how can they not go hand in hand? But…When you talk about teaching it in public school, how do I know that all parents will want their children to learn about intelligent design? Not all people believe in it. On the other hand, not all people believe in evolution. Ugh. Can’t I just teach ALL theories? I’m just happy that I won’t be teaching in a grade where this will be an issue. At least I’m hoping I won’t be anyway. 🙂

    Good post Tina. Thought provoking, and it’s always nice to think and challenge my beliefs. 🙂

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