in the sleeping house

well i can’t call it a napping house because its late and everyone’s out for the nite…except me.

this is really actually quite cool but i do know i need to go to bed soon because tyren will probably have me awake about a zillion times again tonite and i need to get all the sleep i can while i can. but i feel like blogging, so there ya have it.

why’s tyren waking me up so much, you ask? well who the hell knows but he’s been doing it for what feels like weeks now. not really sure exactly how long. but he thrashes a lot. he’s always done this off and on. lately he’s on more than he’s off.

whimpers and cries and rolls around and thrashes and kicks and kicks and nurses ALL NITE LONG! drives me bananas! but then i do know he’s working on some molars. not one, not 2 but FOUR. poor baby. i think that might be at least some of it. 2 on top have already broken through…i don’t think the bottom ones have…but they look close.

he’s been pretty cranky at different times of the day lately too. so i just keep trying to remember that he’s a baby and he’s in pain. well but i don’t know for sure he’s in pain but he might be. i guess i should give him some medicine but i feel like i shouldn’t unless i’m sure he’s in pain. i can’t say for sure so i don’t want to medicate him if he’s not needing it. then again, i’d hate for him to needlessly be in pain. this sucks. i had the same dilemma with maeven. neither of my kids manifest your typical symptoms for teething. ah well…this too shall pass.

lets see…what happened today? oh we had a trip to the grocery store and many people commented on how cute tyren is. of course he’s cute. he’s mine! LOL! both my kids are gorgeous! (yes, proud mama here). as my mother-in-law says… “we don’t do ugly.” LOL!

one lady even came up and squeezed tyren’s thighs. yes they are very very chunky. he’s my fat little bubba. man i never thought i’d use that word. i always detested that nickname before we had him. i thought “sissy” and “bubba” were the lamest nicknames. well i “sissy” still makes me cringe a bit…but maybe it’ll grow on me… anyway i swore there’s no way in HELL my kids are gonna use those nicknames for each other and you’ll NEVER hear it coming out of my mouth! so what do i hear coming out of my mouth often when i am talking to tyren? “bubba”, “bubbas”, “bubbers”…you name it…any variation on the word, i’ve used it. *sigh* well i guess if you can’t beat them, join ’em. 🙂

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