i’m an author!

i finally got my book published! here’s where you can find it.

it took me years to write that darn thing! it all started when i created a webpage to help advertise my mommy and me program i used to run in my home. i kept getting emails from people that found the webpage through a web search and were wanting to know about running a similar program. i just don’t have time to answer everyone’s questions so i thought “i should write a book!” then i realized i really could! took awhile to get it all down, but i finally did…and in the meantime i had stopped doing my program and had put a note on the webpage that i was going to be making a book on the topic…i kept getting emails! like all the time! people wanting to know if my book was done! i must have gotten like 20 or 30 of them! crazy! so i knew i had a great idea!

so i finished the book then i asked adam to make the cover for me with some pics i had taken over the years of the kids in my program…darned man took like 3 months to make that graphic!! ARGH! i finally got him to finish it and it looks beYOOteeful!! (to quote flossie bobbsey, hehe…maeven is a huge bobbsey twin fan just like her mama was as a girl)

so it was worth the wait, i think. now lets just hope that it actually sells. i only actually profit $10 per book, but i never expected to get rich on it, lol!

i found out about lulu from angela…roger published a book on carpal tunnel there. apparently its free to publish, they just take a cut of each book as they print them. they only print as they are purchased. like cafepress. cool deal. i just ordered one so we’ll see what the quality is like but i saw one at babyfest that was published by them and so i know its very professionally done.

the really cool thing is that they also submit their books to amazon and barnes and nobles and borders and some other online bookstores! way cool! can’t wait to see my book up there!

so that’s my big news for the weekend…i’m now officially an author!

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