i’m a firefighter!

that’s what i am alright! i put out fires ALLLLL-DAAAAAY-LOOOOOOOONG.

i forgot how hard it was to have a child this age…tyren is wearing me out! i could actually probably handle it…or at least feel like i’m getting ahead from time to time…if both kids were older…but with one toddler tornado tearing up the house faster than i can organize and clean it… all i have the energy and the ability to do is just put out fires here and there as i can.

and he’s been so cranky lately. i don’t know what’s going on with him…i think i need to actually hold him more. i’m feeling pretty guilty about how much i put him down and expect him to play…now that there are 2 of them, and he’s tearing things up so fast, i have so much more to do and so he doesn’t get as much of the holding time that maeven got. i guess that’s just inevitable. still sad though.

i do wear him a lot…just in this heat and when i’m trying to work around the house, i prefer not to at home. he’s HEAVY! he was 27lbs at his last dr’s appt…and that was a couple months ago! it’s very hard to do lots of bending and picking up of things with a nearly 30lb-er strapped to you.

anyway, i hear the little tornado screaming about something again…i better go don my firefighter’s gear and go tackle some more fires!

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