If I Were RICH!

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I often have fantasies of all kinds of things I’d really like to do…If only we had the money. Here’s a few of them…

If I were rich…

  • I’d start a local non-profit Mother’s Center…with all kinds of opportunities for local moms to learn about positive parenting practices and have a lending library for maternity and nursing clothing and kids clothing and baby slings and books and toys…Educational workshops going on all the time, a store to promote local WAHMs…An indoor playground for kids to safely play while moms socialize and take workshops (within reach of mamas).
  • Start a for-profit indoor playground for my own family to make some money and to create a really awesome place to play on those days when outside is not an option (at least 6months of the year during the awful HEAT of Fresno!)–I would really want one like this, ideally! With different areas for different things and different ages. This would be cool too! Or something as simple as this or this. Or as elaborate as this! (Oh and should point out this business is currently in contact with me, scoping out a site for a local franchise! I’m so excited! I don’t have the money to run it but I’m going to be so happy to have it open locally! We NEED a LOT of indoor options for our children!)
  • Start a children’s party business–once my kids were older and could help out…I could do themed parties and be a kid’s party DJ…I have always enjoyed organizing and heading up kids parties, that would be soooo fun!
  • Pay to put shade over all the local playgrounds…it’s just unbelievable how ridiculous it is that Fresno has very very few outdoor shaded play areas for its children! At least 6 months of the year here are HOT!
  • Put a ton of money into my websites (Fresno Family and Mommy Chats) and hire people to help me really expand them…I have so many ideas for this but cannot find the time to do it, unfortunately!
  • Start an organization for promoting babywearing all over the country…there are some smallish groups but I would want to really bring it to the public attention…Perhaps just put money into existing ones to get them advertised better.
  • Get my own talk show (not necessarily me as hostess, though…I don’t know that I’d be good at that…) where *I* get to control the topics…put enough into it to become big like Dr. Phil and Oprah and have lots of alternative topics on there like homeschooling and extended breastfeeding and such and get some of these “alternative” topics more understood by mainstreamers and do what I can to get THEM the mainstream!
  • Start a sitcom that would be hugely popular (no idea how this works, but I’m dreaming big here!) where I would have complete control over story ideas and make sure to put alternative living as the norm in the show…such as have a family that shows the mom nursing and wearing a baby/toddler…and have the family bed just normal in it…maybe they are homeschoolers too…and have this just be the subplot, not the main thing about it…do to alternative living what Will & Grace has done for homosexuality…just make it normal!
  • Pour a ton of money into spreading breastfeeding around the country…Get the mother/baby friendly initiative going hard core and help it spread like wildfire!
  • Put a bunch of money into PLAY!! Support and promote organizations like Playward and the International Play Association and Playful Parenting and Play Reflections.
  • Put a ton of money into alternative education…promoting schools that have child-centered practices and doing what I can to get good quality education out there for every child (help improve the public schools, if that is possible, which I’m not sure it is)…and promote homeschooling and open up resource centers for parents to be able to homeschool with lots of free and inexpensive resources for them.

Basically, I want to change the world! LOL! I will come up with much more ideas, I’m sure…but my family needs me now…more later!

  1. Babywearing Sales & Consulting

    Great ideas! And the babywearing organization already exists. It’s NINO – nineinnineout.org. There are lots of local chapters, more starting all the time!

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