I wish…

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i’m watching 20/20 right now…they are talking about internet scams. people getting ripped off by work-at-home scams.

i so wish i could figure out some novel idea for a true work-at-home business. something that i could make a good amount of money and also enable other moms to do so as well.

i’ve pretty much decided that product sales, where you have to make your own products, doesn’t make any real money unless you hit it big. and its a LOT of work, usually.

the best idea, i think, is something that you make once and then sell forever. like writing a book. they call that residual income.

maybe i should write some more books. 🙂 anyone reading this that doesn’t know yet, i wrote a book on creating and running your own in-home mommy & me classes. short ones on things that i know how to do. have to think about that…but there’s nothing that i could think of that would give other moms a way to make money too. 🙁

oh well, someday i’ll think of something.

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