i WILL get this house in order, DAMMIT!

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i cannot believe how long its taking to catch up on everything after babyfest. seriously, i haven’t had a clean kitchen in months. and no matter how many dishes i do daily (yes, daily!) i still constantly have counters covered. literally. not a space to work on. its really old. i can’t even remember how it started but i’m sure its babyfest related.

i walk around my house and i feel inspired to work but its seriously like shoveling snow during a snowstorm! we all here have bad habits to break…we have turned into major slobs…but the baby…oh lordy…he is the biggest issue! we don’t call him “tyren tornado” for nothing! he just runs through the house leaving a path of destruction in his wake!

last nite i was sweeping the filthy kitchen floor (yeah, its still filthy, but i can’t stand walking on all the junk so sweeping it helps) and i was telling myself–“tyren won’t be little forever…we WILL get our house back in order some day!” and its true…right now i’ll keep working on things as much as i can and then i will just keep holding out for him to get older and create less chaos. *sigh* he’ll be 2 in july so i suppose we may still have at least a year or so of this major mess stuff…but perhaps once he’s 2 he’ll start to taper off a little…yeah right, my little destructor. we’ll see. a mommy can hope.

in the meantime…today’s goal: get clean laundry put away (i won’t say “ALL” laundry because if i can’t do it all, since there’s a LOT, i will feel like a failure…so no goals on how much) and work on dishes.

now, to feel good about this weekend…i mowed the front lawn! yes *I* did it…my husband is not a yard type guy and frankly i like the solitude. i enjoy mowing the lawn as it gives me time to get away from the kiddos for awhile. i am starting to really understand why the experts on all the talk shows say that mommies need to have mommy time. when it was just me and maeven i had a taste of it but now that its me, maeven and “Numbnuts”, as i lovingly call my little tyrant tyren…i am clammoring for mommy time. i snag it wherever i can. mowing the lawn is a prime time for me.

so yesterday we did a lot of yard work. mainly because we got cited by the city for having tall weeds (*sigh*, we think we have a neighbor that turns us in) and parking on the dirt and having a tarp and pole structure…argh! but anyway we need to do the yard anyway. so adam went out a few days ago and weed wacked all the edge stuff and yesterday i did the lawn. and then we worked on baelin’s garden. i got a lot of weeds pulled and watered it really well and cut back overgrown lavendar and sage. its looking kinda sad right now when you look up close because everything is all growing together and there’s not many flowers left. but from a distance, it doesn’t look too bad. i’m hoping the flowers will start to come back now that i’m watering it. gotta get some batteries for the timer so i can start getting it watered regularly again. and then we need to keep working on it and plant some more. and get paint for the rocks which are all washed out. i will find a better paint this time…something that won’t wash off.

also this weekend we worked on the living room…i did a LOT on that, although you wouldn’t know it from first glance. but i gathered up a ton of clutter to give to goodwill and even got it all in the back of the van! we also rearranged the entertainment center, which we’ve needed to do for awhile because tyren likes to play with the stereo…so we got it put up high where he can’t reach it. still trying to figure out what to do with the empty space down low now. i’m going to pull out more of the stuff from the higher shelves that still look cluttered and get all the videos and dvds into the hutch where they can be shut away, out of sight. i want to do something with all our pictures too…we’ve had the same pics in photo frames and on the walls since we moved here practically…time for a change.

i also did some working on bins for babyfest. bought plastic bins and sorted a lot of that…need to finish and get them OUT to the shed to get them out of the way. and i need to get rid of this huge stroller that we don’t ever use…its just taking up space and we have a little one that we can use or the push car, so we don’t need this huge one anymore. i will get rid of it and the matching pack and play…i’ve tried selling them but so far i’m getting no offers…i’ll try again. and if that doesn’t work, i’m taking them to goodwill too or freecycling them.

i am all about getting this house in order right now! i have all kinds of plastic bins now that i can use to sort things, as i move stuff around and purge…so i can start getting things in shape and work on getting our house to be a nice place to live in.

oh and i almost forgot…i busted my butt moving couches on saturday and cleaned up all the garbage underneath (which wasn’t THAT much, because adam and i did the same thing just a couple months ago, but it definitely needed it and i was looking for missing things) and vacuuming them under the cushions and stuff. what a good feeling! next i’m going under the cedar chest and the hutch. i’m still missing some cds and a remote. they have to be SOMEWHERE! then i’m going to sort out that big shelf on the other side of the room…this room is going to be ORGANIZED very soon! not putting a time limit on it so i don’t feel like a failure…just want to feel progress on it all every day. baby steps.

so i’ve accomplished quite a lot lately. *patting self on back* still living in chaos but if i can get this living room in proper order we’ll have at least ONE place to be that doesn’t feel chaotic! 🙂 then i can start working on the rest.

baby’s up now, time to run!

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