i was on the radio yesterday!

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i’ve become a regular listener now of gena kirby’s “progressive parenting” radio talk show, locally at 88.1FM on thursdays from 1-2pm…and yesterday i finally called in…not once, but twice! 🙂 i was so nervous at first, but it worked out really well and gena asked me to call back again and so i did!

they were talking about education and homeschooling and unschooling and reggio emilia and montessori and such…and the first time i called in i commented that i often have wondered if an unfortunate by-product of compulsory education is that people often feel they are “stuck” in jobs.

i have so often heard people say that they are stuck in a dead-end job, or hating their job but feeling they have no choice but to stay…when really they always have a choice! and it just makes me wonder if so much of our society now think they are stuck because they were, indeed, stuck in school for all those years and so they’ve been trained to be complacent and feel trapped even when they no longer are!

gena agreed that that could very well be and it was something interesting to think about, that’s for sure! 🙂

then i called back because she asked me to call back later and i got to plug fresnofamily.com and fresnolearningvillage.com and the babyfest and talk a little about all of them. 🙂 pretty cool! maybe i’ll become a regular caller, who knows? 🙂

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  1. gena kirby

    Thanks for calling Tina, I really do hope you become a regular caller, our next show (next Thursday, this Thursday there is no show) will be very interesting, it’s about parents rights, homeschooling will definitely come up. Tune in and feel free to call…station # 559-266-8888. Gena

  2. gena kirby

    I’m glad you called, you will love next weeks show on Parental Rights, homeschooling will come up for sure! Tune in! Thanks for the support. See you at Baby Fest!

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