i started a new blog

that’s right…like i need another blog…i have one for each of my kids (including baelin)…which never get written in. *sigh* hardly have time for mine! and can’t get maeven to write anything in hers lately.

anyway i created a fresno family blog, which will eventually replace my news box on the homepage.

but now i’m having a dickens of a time figuring out how to add it to my website. i know there’s a way to feed it to my site…but damned if i can figure out how to do it! i woulda thought that there’d be all kinds of info on this all over the web, but so far i’m not finding it!

well, i’ve posted on some forums, maybe they will have some answers for me.

its frustrating! i know there’s a way to do it!! jeez!

anyway, so that’s my new blog, stay tuned for local info there if you are a local.

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