i should be in bed

i just got finished reading tiffiny and beckie’s blogs….oh i have to ask beckie how to post the links to them in my blog…i really want to be cool like them. 🙂

i’m a webmama and i don’t know how to post things on the side section of my blog…how crazy is that?

today’s holiday hoopla live radio broadcast went GREAT again! sooooo fun! not as many people in the chat as i had hoped…considering i posted all over the net to drum up more business. oh well. the treasure hunt submissions are still piling in at least.

overall i’d say our holiday hoopla is a resounding success. hope tomorrow’s chats get more traffic.

oh, i guess i never posted about my hoopla, did i? i’m rambling in no particular order…forgive me…it IS nearly 2am afterall!

the holiday hoopla for my site mommy chats was a last minute idea i had just before we left for a family vacation to disneyland. yes disneyland! my parents paid for the whole thing or we wouldn’t’ve been able to afford any of it…anyway its like a day or so before my trip and i’m IMing beckie and we are discussing oh heck i don’t remember but somehow i got the idea…probably cuz beckie is involved in all sorts of online activities all the time…got this idea to do a holiday event for mommy chats. i love doing events, so we brainstormed names…using thesaurus.com (god i love that site…i use it to help me word things all the time! and every time i say the word thesaurus i crack up cuz it makes me think of my dh saying “theAsaurus”, like it was some sort of dinosaur. you have to understand my dh is like this super smart guy and we have standing jokes about his not-so-bright ex-girlfriend who used to pronounce things wrong, and he seriously pronounced that one that way and didn’t realize it til i pointed it out and it was truly hillarious and to this day is a standing joke, LOL!!! see there i go again!) anyway, didn’t want to call it an expo cuz that’s a boring name and also because it was going to be so much more than just shopping chats…we have a treasure hunt, trivia game, and more…

so anyway, like the day before i’m supposed to be getting ready for our trip i realize i totally need to get it all ready for the event cuz i need to be collecting vendors while i’m gone so that we can start when i get back! ugh…nothing like planning ahead! yikes! i scrambled and threw together some pages and darned if i didn’t get vendors while i was gone! only cuz i did have internet access on vacation though…but still! pretty crazy cuz i threw that thing together fast! with beckie’s help…she’s my right hand mama, you know. 😉

do i sound like its 2am…i do don’t i? why the hell am i not going to bed…hmmm, and its giving dh ideas….*sigh* why are our libidos always on opposite schedules???? why oh why??? *sigh*

and this baby is going to be up in the middle of the nite again i betcha. he has done so well but the last couple nites its like 3am and he’s like, “mom i’m awake! lets party!” last nite i was up with him for an hour and a half!! then he finally falls asleep around 4:30am and i stagger back to bed and he’s TOTALLY AWAKE at like 6:30am! what the hell?

and he’s doing that thrashing thing again…i really wish i could figure out what it means…is it his diaper? gas? yucky tummy? its not that he wants to nurse cuz he won’t let me put the boob in his mouth usually when he’s all arms and legs thrashing…doesn’t open his eyes either. he did that around a month for awhile…now at 4months he’s at it again. *sigh*

you wanna know the really weird part? i’m not tired. not getting much sleep lately but not really tired either. i think it may be because tyren has been insisting on nursing to sleep only in teh rocking chair lately…so i crash out with him during his naps during the day often. during the week maeven usually ends up waking me up “mom!! wake up!! don’t sleep!” but sometimes she’s engrossed in a tv show and i get a nice little catnap…today adam was entertaining her so that helped.

anyway, i’m totally rambling and i don’t know why…i guess i just don’t want to go to bed…nuts, i am.

well i guess i should go do something else…at this rate i’m going to ramble all nite and no one is going to be able to make sense of this post! yikes!

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