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adam had like 10 days off in a row…from xmas on…and we planned on getting a ton of stuff done. well it hasn’t really worked out that way…but *I* have gotten a lot done!! not as much as i had hoped, but i’m still quite proud of myself!!

i have had junk piled up in the hallway for weeks, maybe months…and i’m almost done getting it all put away! including a huge tub of assorted junk that was thrown into the tub to get the living room cleaned up for tyren’s bday…in JULY!!! that one i whizzed through yesterday…and i got the basket by the front door, which is always overflowing with mail and assorted junk that needs to be put away…ALL CLEANED OUT!! woohoo!!! i rock!

and i’ve been working on getting various other big jobs done…dishes and laundry, for 2…i’ve been tackling those daily. and the cat’s bathroom…i’ve been maintaining clean litter boxes (after a big original clean up job)…and i even have wiped down the nasty floor around the trash cans (always is a mess of unknown spilled substances, blech) and even the trash cans themselves!! (outside, not inside, *shudder*)

let’s see, what else? i’ve even wiped part of the kitchen floor…though my goal is to get it completely washed, but for now, wiping the worst spots really makes a difference….cleaned the stove off completely (and wiped! this is a big deal around here!)

vacuumed in the living room several times (it needs it daily!) …put away nearly all the xmas decorations, including the tree (still need to figure out where i’m going to store it…i’d like to not stick it back in the big room because i’d like to see that get more cleared out in anticipation of more work getting done…positive thinking…)

got a whole bunch of stuff i’ve been wanting to sell, sold…hanna andersson dress/pants/socks for one…went on ebay before xmas…a bunch of my disney videos (still have a few, but not much left!) and got rid of some of my disney ornaments (got more to sell…will work on that this week too).

OH! yesterday tyren wanted to watch a specific movie and i was looking for it in the video cupboard (aka the bottom of our hutch) and ended up sorting and purging a bunch of videos/dvds! i still have like 20 videos to check and see what they are and throw out/give away…but its mostly done!!

yesterday i FINALLY went through all the floppy disks that i had been meaning to go through for awhile…i had borrowed a plug-in floppy drive from my dad months ago and never got around to doing it…went through the ENTIRE box yesterday, saved the files i wanted to save, and threw out every one of those damn disks! (broke them in half even!)

today i’m attacking some closets…we have more purging to do, to make room for some of the random stuff that floats around the house and needs a home….so i’m off to get back to work! i’m so jazzed! things are coming along very nicely!!

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