i really need to start going to bed sooner

but its hard when you get inspired!

i’m feeling like i’m starting to really get revved up on ideas for the new year!

i’ve been working on my new mommy newsletter for mommy chats…i’m planning on sending it out on jan 1. i’ve never done anything like it before…i’m including lots of content such as recommended blogs and links and books and music and such. things that i think other mommies might like to read. no articles though…i don’t have time to write them and usually don’t have time to read any either, so i’m going short and sweet. although some of my reviews are getting longer than anticipated, LOL! but its getting really fun! and i’m going to do this every month. use it as a way to sell some more advertising and drum up more interest in mommy chats…draw attention to chats as i add them, and just share some great info with moms out there. 🙂

the web is quite overwhelming…its hard to dig through all the crap out there. i just thought it might be nice to give a slice of the best that i’ve found and see if anyone else might like it too. 🙂

anyway, i’m just feeling fired up about it and its got my brain going a million miles a minute about all sorts of other things as well. but i need to stop that now and go to bed! i can think more in the morning! i swear thinking is like a goddamned drug to me! it fires me up like nothing else can! (except maybe my husband, hehe)

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