i love rainy days

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so funny…today i was driving in the greyness of today (which eventually started raining)…and was thinking how i really wanted to blog about it. 🙂

i love wet days…not when there are tons in a row (but we don’t get much of that happening in the central valley)…but here and there…i LOVE them!

today i was driving my kids around and it was grey and gloomy and i just loved it because it started to get wetter and started raining…in fact i was listening to the radio (something i don’t usually get to do with maeven in the car, she insists on specific cds…but this was after i dropped her off to play at a friend’s house) and the perfect grey day song came on for me…”sunglasses at night” by corey hart. i LOVE corey hart! i was a HUGE fan in the 80s.

this was my FAVORITE album, back in the day! (this is “boy in the box”, and didn’t have “sunglasses at night” on it…but this was my FAVORITE!)

oh my, i love youtube! here’s the song:

so funny cuz that’s the first time i’ve ever seen that video.

oh lookie, he has a website! WOW, he still looks good! 🙂

anyway, so that song came on…and i was immediately in an even better mood…the greyness was nice, but corey hart ROCKS! LOL!

then it started to rain…i’m stuck in traffic but i don’t care! cuz guess what came on next? U2!!!

just gorgeous! i ADORE U2 too! 🙂 this band always makes me remember an old boyfriend (high school days) who was really into them…but i just adore them for the tingly good feeling from all the intense emotions their songs evoke and all the good stuff that i know that band has done.

bono and corey on a rainy day…could it get any better??

wow and then i drove past shaw and blackstone where there was a protest going on against israel? something about israeli acts of terrorism in gaza? i still don’t know anything about this but there was a LOT of people out there on the corners…with signs and banners and peace flags and a lot looked of middle eastern descent and had some strong emotions on their faces…it really touched me to see people standing in the rain on a cold day, nearly dark (and after dark when i went by them again later)….to feel so strongly about something to do that…it was really intense for me…i choked up and my eyes filled with tears. that’s not something that happens often to me. i now need to do a little research and learn what it was they were protesting because i haven’t a clue.

but wow, what a day. great music, great weather, great emotions. i’m feeling really high on it all.

and then i got home and told adam about it and it got me to reminiscing about when i lived in new jersey…because it rains a LOT there. but it rains more during warmer weather…all summer long, in fact. it almost never rains here when its warm. in jersey we could go out and play in the rain…and enjoy killer thunderstorms. and i remember how the wet asphalt from the street would smell SOOOO good when it rained…and the way the electric lights reflected off the wet streets. oh there was no feeling like that! it’s difficult to put into words.

i remember i used to love driving around in my little ’64 bug in the rain with the windows down to smell that wonderful rain smell and hear all the nighttime rain sounds of the town i lived in. there was this one intersection in particular that i just ADORED. it was a busy intersection with gas stations on every corner…and i used to keep doing circles to come back to that intersection over and over sometimes cuz i just LOVED the way all those electric lights were just a rainbow of beautiful colors bouncing off the wet streets right there…and the sounds of the cars and people and just the smell and it was sooooo uplifting to me. it was like a life high. i get highs off of lots of things about life, LOL…i’m just funny that way.

certain songs…certain smells…certain commercials or tv show scenes…of course my kids and my husband…i often get a tickly tummy about a loved one from loving them so much for something cute or funny or (in my hubby’s case, sexy) fun that they do or say…there’s a lot in life that excites me and gives me a high. its so cool! i LOVE it! 🙂 who needs drugs?? LOL!

anyway, it was a good day. 🙂

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