i laughed so hard i cried

seriously, tears in my eyes while i was driving…couldn’t breathe!!

today in the car– tyren, just out of the blue, was asking my mom a question that we couldn’t figure out what it was he was saying…i had to turn off the air and the music to listen hard. he speaks pretty clearly (hell, he says “acshoowayee”/”actually”, on a regular basis!! and correctly!!) for the most part, but occasionally says something we can’t decipher. i finally figured out the first part of what he was saying was “penis”…but i kept hearing “vomit” for the second part….could NOT figure out what he meant!!! what the hell do those 2 words have to do with each other, was what i kept thinking…then he finally said something like…”nana doesn’t have a penis, she has a vomit.” ROFLAO!!!

well, in his defense, he’s not heard the word very frequently…so i suspect he forgot exactly how to say it, LOL!! don’t worry, i straightened things out. 🙂

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