i have to brag about my hubby

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for those who don’t know, my hubby, adam, is a video photographer/editor. one of his videos (this is the one that he was shooting here), was just posted on youtube so i thought i’d share it:

he shot and edited the entire thing, beginning to end. many of his jobs he has to edit someone else’s work, but this one is ALL HIS! :) i’m VERY proud of him, can you tell? :) he’s damn good if i do say so myself! sexy too, hehe! :)

it was shot high definition, by the way…but youtube crunches it down so it ends up looking kinda crappy in quality but trust me its not if you see the original.

i don’t even know who these chicks (prima j) are…never heard of them til adam had to do the shoot…but apparently, they are pretty popular with the preteen crowd.

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