i have a dream

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(by the way, i couldn’t find this song on youtube with the original scene from the movie, mama mia, so i found one that was super cute instead! its the same song, and i just discovered someone that i didn’t even know exists! what a cutie!! apparently she won “britain’s got talent” at like age 6 or 7, i think? wowee! amazing child!)

i have a dream…i always have a dream going on…but this one i’ve had for some time. i just started thinking about it again…

i dream of our family owning a chunk of property in nature somewhere…foothills maybe…i’d prefer above the rattlesnake line, but really i might not be able to be so choosey.

tonite i was just thinking about it again…not sure what set me off but i was driving by myself (not a common occurance!) in my husband’s car which has no stereo so i had time to think (i was getting dinner for us). anyway…my dream…

i don’t know how many acres i want, but enough to be able to have a chunk of land to build a little on (or better yet, some existing structures we could tweak to our needs) and a lot of land to be able to take hikes and not hit freeway or other houses for awhile. preferably a creek, but i don’t know how easy that would be to find. seasonal would be better than no creek.

my dad has had this dream to have a retreat center for as long as i can remember…i’d like to make his dream come true at the same time as mine. i want to use the same property for his retreat center as for my outdoor school. he could have groups up for retreats and i could run trails and have groups of kids and families for outdoor ed.

i’d like to run something similar to SCICON, but smaller. not as large-scale. something simpler but same kind of concept. i’d love to hire former SCICON interns to help me!

i would love to have it be a residential outdoor school like SCICON, where the kids stay for a week…but if that’s not possible, just enable fresno area kids to have a great location for a day trip/field trips would be fantastic! something not too far out of town, so it can still be a day trip. and i don’t want to be too far out of civilization.

but oh, how wonderful that would be! i would LOVE it! it would be a lot of work, but i really feel like it could be a very successful business! if we were able to purchase some sort of property that did a camp or church or something that already had some stuff already set up, would be great! an old summer camp, like a sleep-away camp, would be perfect! but oh! how often do things like that go up for sale? and how would i EVER in a million years be able to afford it?

i have a dream….that we would sell our house and my parents would sell their house and maybe some other family members would go in on it…like my brother or someone in adam’s family…and we’d be able to make it work. and adam could make instructional videos for people somehow…not sure on that idea yet, but there has to be a way he could make money too so we’d all be able to do well financially. in my dream, it all works out somehow. in the law of attraction, that’s how you get things to happen…to believe it can and will happen. i really believe it can and will….someday….somehow…it might not end up exactly how i’ve got it all mapped out now…it might change a lot…but it could somehow, someday, happen for us all. and oh how wonderful it would be!

i guess i won’t ever get anything to happen, though, if i don’t keep watching local real estate. because if that summer camp or something similar, goes up for sale somewhere in our area…i need to be watching for it! :) guess i know what i’ll be doing tonite now! :)

goodness i LOVE dreaming! its SOOO exciting! :)

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