I have a dream

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OK now I have that song from the end of Mama Mia in my head. *sigh*

But seriously, I’ve had this dream for some time now…that I am going to come up with an idea that will eventually make enough money that I can help our family out in a significant way. That the day will come when I am bringing in the equivalent of a full-time income, from my home businesses. Maybe even an excellent paying full-time income.

The time will come when I won’t have to wait months or years before replacing items of clothing (usually undergarments! ARGH!) that badly need replacing. The time will come when we can immediately fix things around the house that are broken as soon as they break. The time will come when we will be able to pick out and purchase our own furniture NEW (vs very appreciated hand-me-downs). The time will come when all of our electronics in the house will actually work because if they don’t we’ll fix them or replace them. The time will come when I will have more than a handful of dishes that are un-cracked. The time will come when I can pay to have someone do the deep cleaning in my house that just simply never happens now. The time will come when I will be able to pay for classes for my children like art and music…maybe even some day camps they are interested in. (They’ve never been to any camp ever.) The time will come when we will be able to finish the remodel of our house. The time will come when we’ll be able to replace all the single pane 1950s crank windows in our house (and sliding glass doors) with dual pane and actually have a reasonable electric bill. The time will come when I can finally have the nasty carpet in our house torn up and the wooden floors sanded and treated (once I’m able to convince Adam, that is.) The time will come when I can actually own clothing that I like. Every piece. Colorful and fun and comfy that I feel GOOD in. The time will come when I’ll finally be able to get the things done to the backyard that I’ve been dreaming of (new patio, covered area, bike path, etc…) The time will come when we can pay back all our debt. All of it. The time will come when every one of us will have good health insurance. The time will come when we will be able to afford to regularly travel. Wherever we want to go! Even international! The time will come when we will be able to rent a cabin in the mountains and a beach house on the shore, whenever we like. The time will come when I can finally get a laptop computer and find time to go to Starbuck’s and do work on my websites in peaceful Mommy time. The time will come when I can afford new podcast equipment that will greatly improve our sound quality. The time will come when there will be so very many wonderful things that we will finally be able to do.

I know this time will come.

I listen to a lot of podcasts….inspirational and educational. Teaching me about how to improve my businesses and websites and such. They make me feel like this is actually an attainable goal that I have in mind. This financial stability. That I CAN do this, and I can do this while still being able to stay home and educate my kids the way I want them educated.

I don’t want to be rich. I’m not interested in fancy things. I just want the basics, and maybe in some things a step above basic. Nothing fancy or gold plated or bling-bling…I just want to be able to live in a way that means I’m not wanting all the time for the basics.

We’re not poor. We do not fall below the poverty line. I know there are many many more that are worse off than us. But I hear this on podcasts all the time…that its not wrong to want more. That its not wrong to want to be able to have enough money to really enjoy life. Because its very true that you do need money for this. To be able to have less stress and more joy, there is a certain level of money needed. This is just a fact of life in America. You don’t need mountains of money, but you do need to be able to know that you can get what you need. Right now we do without quite a lot. Its not the end of the world but it is tiresome and often stressful.

I know most of America is going through the same. I know we’re not alone. I know we’re lucky that my husband has a job, even if its not enough income to cover everything. Its still a job.

But I am damned determined to make sure that we don’t always have to live with the stress level that is so often rampant in this house. I know that if I just keep trying, I will eventually find something that will be successful enough to earn the money we need to be able to do the things mentioned above.

Not buy a fancy mansion or sports car or expensive watch or jewelry. Not interested in any of that. Just want to cover the basics better. Much better. And really top of the list for me is to be able to take my kids traveling. All over the world. Starting with California, but eventually branching out to national and international travel. I saw the world as a child. I lived all over the world as a child. The least I can do for my kids is take them to see some of the stuff I’ve seen. I want that for them VERY BAD. And I’m GOING to make it happen. Somehow. Someday. Before they’re grown. I have to.

So I’m going to keep working on these websites of mine. I’m going to keep pursuing ideas I have. Something’s bound to work eventually!

On top of all the above, I really would love to someday figure out a way to run a business that I can then help other moms to stay home and work at home with their kids like I am. I would love to be able to offer a way for other families the financial freedom that I will someday have. There’s so many work-at-home scams…I have to be able to find some way to create a business that can provide viable scam-free opportunities for other moms like me.

Someday! In the meantime, my first step towards financial freedom is to sell MommyChats.com. Come check out the auction here and spread the word.

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