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with a PASSION!! actually, i’m not too fond of fresno any time really…although the weather is pretty nice in the winter. but summer time, OH MY GOD!!! this 100+ weather kills me every friggin summer!

makes me sooooooooo grumpy! we are stuck indoors all the time because its too friggin hot to go anywhere, but my kids and i go stir crazy so i try to take them places just so we are not at each other’s throats all day…which makes me and them even more grumpy in the in-between parts when we have to be out in the heat…ARGH. they are usually fine, for the most part, in the car once the ac has kicked in, and in the stores and such…but going from car to store and store to car, etc…just too HOT!!!

i HATE FRESNO!!! there’s no beauty here. just friggin heat. well, the people are about all that this place has going for it.

i said this when i first moved here. there’s no energy here. its stale. when i lived in sacramento there was an energy, a vibrance, probably because there’s a river going through it and there’s some pretty cool parts of town. i guess there are cool parts of town here too, but i don’t often go there.

i would move in a heartbeat if my husband wasn’t so stuck here. well, and we do have all our family here. i don’t want to take any of us away from family. but i feel like i’m dying here sometimes. and i want so much more for my kids. i wish i could be raising them someplace that was beautiful…with 4 real seasons (although i would dread a real winter…but they’d probably love snow)…and a picturesque downtown…a small town….something quaint. like all the cute little towns you always see on movies and tv shows. i WANT that!

i yearn for a nice place to live all the time…but my dh will never go for leaving here. he was born and raised here and doesn’t see why we should ever leave. honestly i think he would be scared of leaving because he doesn’t know anything else. to me, i would LOVE to pack everything up and move to another state! what an adventure! wouldn’t have to be another state though….northern california would be fine.

argh, baby is cranky, time’s up.

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