i did a stupid thing

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i can’t believe i did it again!!! i turned the soaker hose on in baelin’s garden (which is in very very sad shape…i really need to get out there and replant.) and totally forgot about it! i’m talking like over 12 hours! i turned it on in the afternoon/evening and didn’t remember it again til the next morning! by that point it had flooded our big room! ARGH! this is the second time this has happened…but this time was worse than the last…more water actually got into the room and we are still vacuuming it out with our carpet cleaner. we’ve probably emptied like 30 or 40 buckets of water easily. (carpet cleaner buckets) now it STINKS!!! and its still wet! bleh!

argh, i’m kicking myself so hard!! i can’t believe i did that AGAIN!!!!

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