I am a mommy again

so much has happened since i blogged last…so i thought i should post that i have a new baby boy. his name is tyren (pronounced TEER-en, NOT TIE-ren…everyone, i mean EVERYONE gets it wrong and i seriously started to rethink our spelling but we really liked “tyr” , so *shrug* oh well) …born july 8, 2005, 8lbs 8 oz and 22in long! big boy!

he’s now 2.5months old, sleeping in my arms and we just LOVE this baby!

i’m not going to post a lot right now because i have computer work i need to get done…i am revamping all my sites, but today i’m working on fresnofamily.com and i really want to get more work done while tyren sleeps and maeven is out with daddy for daddy/daughter day.

i’m going to ask beckie to help me remember to blog…she’s good at reminding me of things, hehe.

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