husband on strike

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what a MORON

i think hathor says it best

this guy should get “worst husband of the year” award.

i went to his blog the day i learned of this…i think it was 2 days ago…and posted my comment along with like 10,000 others…no actually i think it was just over 7,000 at the time…and then the next day i went to see how many more comments there were…and the site was down. then today its back up but all the comments are gone! and he’s got comments turned off. well isn’t that handy? i wonder if he bothered to mention to his wife that there was a TON of support for her in those comments? hmmmm…i saw lots of idiots posting support for him, but i think i saw more posts telling him what an idiot he is and supporting his wife! seems pretty convenient that he just deleted it all and kept only things about him.

and the stupid petition…well i say we start a petition in support of valentina! if no one does it, i will!

i don’t remember the exact comment i made in his blog but the gist of it was that he was a moron and he needed to stop thinking with his penis! and that he was even more of an idiot if he thought that just getting the kids out of their bed would solve all the problems in their marriage. AND did he really think he was doing such a great thing to his marriage by pulling this crap? i mean, come on! this sort of garbage is enough to seriously damage the relationship further!

i say GO VALENTINA! DON’T give in to that crap! i agree 100% with you! your kids are only little for such a short time…your husband needs to suck it up and deal with being a parent. now that you have kids, its not all about him anymore.

i just cannot stop shaking my head over this guy…and the idiots who continue to post support for him! co-sleeping is a very natural thing that has only in recent generations been taboo…its still done all over the world in the vast majority of cultures…and actually is happening ALOT within our own culture as well. we have always coslept with our kiddos and will continue to until they are ready to move on.

my 5yr old and i just had a conversation about this just the other day. she told me “i don’t feel ready” to move to her own room yet. she has a twin bed smooshed next to daddy’s side of the bed…she’s been there since the end of my pregnancy with tyren. and tyren is with me. my husband has NEVER had a problem with our kids in bed with us. he’s always liked the snuggle time.

so to the husband on strike i say…suck it up and be a dad! its not all about you! geez louise! what an IDIOT!

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