how busy am i?

hmmmm….let’s see….things i’m currently working on, in no particular order:

  • planning maeven’s 8th birthday party
  • figuring out how to apply for medi-cal (turns out we qualify, income-wise, even BEFORE adam’s pay cut!! we’ll see if we qualify with whatever else they count)
  • applying for WIC (we qualified for this even BEFORE adam’s paycut! wish i had known a long time ago!!! and we didn’t even barely make the cutoff…we were like a couple hundred a month BELOW the cutoff…BEFORE!)…got an appt on monday to figure that whole thing out
  • working on creating the new homeschool resource center for our area (right now i’m learning how to become a nonprofit…getting ready to submit the forms!)
  • working on getting sponsors to donate supplies to fix up the hansel and gretel exhibit at storyland (and then getting people to help do the actual work)…haven’t started this yet, but its on my mind!
  • working on getting sponsors for the stevesongs concert i’m trying to plan for next spring, to benefit the discovery center–haven’t started this yet either, but i really need to.
  • babyfest is always looming in the background…i really should get looking into what i should be working on for that. we don’t usually start really working on it til 6months prior to the event though…let’s see, that would be…crap. now. guess i better look into that pronto! i do already have the date set, at least! 🙂 and i know that janet at the discovery center has said that she’s already applying for grants and such to help sponsor the event. so at least there’s not NOTHING being done. 🙂
  • always thinking about maeven’s education…and starting to think of tyren’s as well…even though i won’t start him on true academics for a couple more years.
  • figuring out HOW THE HELL we are going to afford to live on this pay cut
  • figuring out what to do about the “big room” …now i need to think of what to cull from all the crap that is still in bags around the house because i’m facing the reality that that room is just not going to be done anytime soon and we need to get some of this stuff outta here and i need access to some of this stuff NOW.
  • figure out how to catch up on all the housework that has piled up really bad lately
  • working on getting my new website ready for a soft launch
  • planning this year’s “holiday hoopla” on mommy chats, which will most likely pay for our christmas this year since adam won’t be getting that bonus we always pay for xmas with.

well that about covers it for now…i’m sure there’s more. but yeah, i’m a bit busy. wow i’m tired just looking at all that!

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