houston, we have a libido!!!

NOTE TO MOTHER-IN-LAW (she sometimes reads my blog)…sex content below…ya may not wanna read further. LOL!! ok, you’ve been warned!!

it’s true!!! weaning does bring back that libido, woohoo! well at least that seems to be the case with me.

i’ve been working with tyren for months now to wean him. he’s not completely weaned yet but we are down to 5-10min a day, only to get him to sleep at night. he’s no longer napping either…he dropped that months ago, with my encouragement when it got harder and harder to get him to sleep at nite if he napped.

now he goes to sleep around 9ish…in 5-10min flat! (this is a kid that regularly was up til midnite-ish, often later, before. no muss no fuss! and my libido is BACK!!!!

i had been told this might help with the lack of sex drive. hormone issues and all…don’t know the details…but i did notice as the nursing sessions were slowly dropped that my interest in sex seemed to increase! i think adam has been a happier camper lately because *I* am actually approaching HIM from time to time now! that and i don’t give him an excuse why he needs to go away most every time he attempts to solicit me.

seriously, i’m not kidding how different i feel! it was really bad for awhile there. i really honestly was NOT interested in sex. period. and i think the more i wanted to avoid it the more he wanted it! i did try to concede regular enough to keep him happy…and hell, once you get started, how can you really not enjoy it, right? but it kinda was like trying to get yourself to go exercise…you really don’t want to do it but once you do, it feels good! LOL! well, now i seem to be past that phase, thank god!! its not fun having no libido. really NOT! i always had a very healthy sex drive, as i recall (its been awhile)…suffice it to say…the lack of interest really wasn’t me.

now i’m not saying that i’m not going to continue to be tired from kids and life and such. hell…i’m not a sprightly 20something anymore! LOL! (not old yet either…i’m only turning 38 this year!) so things change as time goes on, of course…

but i just had to share my joy over getting my libido back. so there. 🙂 now you’re like “oh joy, thanks for sharing”. i know, TMI (too much info)…but what the hell. its my blog. i can say whatever i want, nyah!!

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  1. Tiffiny

    I’m not your MIL and I don’t know if *I* want to read this either. 😉 I blame it on the fact that I visualize everything I read or hear…..so there ya go. You know you don’t want me visualizing you and Adam getting it on. hehehe 😉

    Anyway….It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blog hopped…I love the new look!!!! And hey…Why is Beckie your only friend?!!!! 😉

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