here’s hoping it works!!

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Briefing Concludes in Prop 8 Legal Challenge
Nation’s top civil rights groups and legal scholars agree: Invalidate Prop 8

my favorite part:

“Proposition 8 represents the first time that the California initiative process has been wielded to abolish a fundamental freedom for an unpopular minority group and to alter the Constitution so as to mandate governmental discrimination against that group. In this way, Proposition 8 attempts to breach some of the most elemental textual and structural promises of our state Constitution. It revokes a fundamental right that, in the words of the Constitution, is “inalienable.” It dismantles constitutional equality for a single group of Californians a group that, because of its history of oppression and stigma, is entitled to the highest level of constitutional protection against discrimination.”

all i can say is GO GO GOOOOOOOOO!!!

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