help me….i’m drowning in instructions!!!

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*sigh* i’ve spent most of my daddy/daughter day (adam takes maeven out for a few hours so i can get work done and he can have special time with her) sorting through this banner rotation program i have downloaded and am trying to figure out how to work. the instructions are soooooo long and complicated…but its supposed to be easy once you get the hang of it…so i endure. argh. my head hurts

i’m trying and trying to get this working so that i can be ready for the upcoming partnership with mothering magazine. so far i’m just feeling overwhelmed with all the work i have to do. not sure how i want the site to be set up and wanting to be done with it so i can go back to and sort through all the changes and additions i want to do there. but i have the potential to make some decent money on mommychats if only i just can get these banner ads!

well back to the instruction manual…i’m picking through it page by page…i do have some help too, but she had to go eat dinner and i’m left to sort through this by myself again.

i’m a smart woman, i can DO this! *diving in again*

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