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this is a stressful week. babyfest is day after tomorrow and i have a ton of things to do still…and stressed over that already…then what did i go and do? i scheduled my son’s appt to have his teeth worked on today. what was i thinking?

of course it didn’t go well…its a bad week all around. he wouldn’t even let me take him out of his carseat…he cried and clung to it and i was not going to force him. i knew no good would come of that. so we’ve had to reschedule one more time.

i had a talk with him…and trying to explain to a 3yr old is darn near impossible but i am trying to cajole him into letting dr halloran work on his teeth…i finally told him if he doesn’t let dr halloran work on his teeth that we will have to go to a dentist we don’t know and they’ll have to put him to sleep. i don’t know if i should have said this to him or not but i’m just desperate to do all i can to get him to let dr halloran do the work. 2 big reasons…one being its a lot cheaper to do it with gas than general anesthesia…and 2 being my biggest reason…i don’t know how he’ll react to anesthesia and it scares the CRAP outta me! so i’d rather he just do the gas. easier and cheaper and better all around. less scary for us all. i just have to convince tyren of this.

today, after we got home from the dentist (where we didn’t even go in, though i did talk him into walking around outside but not to go in)…he said OK that he’d go to dr doug because he doesn’t want to go to the sleep place. i am seriously hoping that he doesn’t end up having to be put under general, because i don’t want him to get freaked out by that idea, but its the truth…if he doesn’t cooperate, we’ll have to do general. and none of us wants that. so if i can just get him to agree to see dr doug, and cooperate while he’s there…all will be well (i hope).

anyway its just a bad week…i’m hoping part of the problem today was that i’m already stressed because of babyfest and didn’t have time to properly prepare him. we’ll see.

his next appt is in may. about 2 weeks. cross your fingers that he will cooperate then because if he doesn’t, we are out of options. 🙁

  1. Tiffiny

    Just so you know…Seren actually SPOKE to Dr Doug. So, I think Tyren will like him. He kinda reminds me of Adam actually. He has long hair and is way cool. There is even a tv for the kids to watch. Seren was a bit worried (she had some awful teeth), being that one dentist was yucky with her. But, Dr. Doug, everyone is right on what they say about him. He’s wonderful. I bet they’d let you just go in and walk around without actually having work done. Maybe you can ask to have Tyren meet him?

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