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yes, i am 37 today! and its just me and the baby awake right now…my parents called and sang the traditional bday song on the phone to wake me up (but i was already up)…now i’m playing around on the computer til i gotta start getting ready to go on our 2nd annual marine world africa usa (except now its called six flags discovery kingdom but i don’t like that name as much) homeschool day trip. very exciting! tomorrow the park is open ONLY for homeschoolers! we had a blast last year and expect to have it again! :)

so watch this silly video of adam sandler’s funny birthday song and think of me and how old i’m getting. LOL!

actually i never really feel like i care much about my age…i’m not one of those people that stresses over getting older. never mattered to me. seems silly to stress over your age since you can’t do anything about it anyway. *shrug*

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