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got this from a homeschool group i’m on where they are discussing the parade poll about whether or not parents should have a teaching credential to be able to teach their own children:

“…for people to assume that they can write laws or create standards that people have to follow in order to qualify to educate their children, they have to assume that they have learned absolute truth about how to educate ALL children. But in the field of education, in the field of psychology and neurology that are so powerfully connected to education, (but so poorly integrated into it) there is so much controversy, and so much that we DON’T know that no person is qualified to make those kinds of judgments of everyone. “

wow! great stuff!

and by the way, the “no’s” are still winning against the “yes’s” by a LANDSLIDE!! (95%!!) WOOHOO! nice to see so many people agree with us that a teaching credential is pretty useless to homeschoolers.

i decided a long time ago to NOT get a teaching credential or pursue teaching in the public school system because i vehemently opposed their idea of “education.” its so hard for me to understand why anyone would think that a homeschooled parent would need to take a step BACKWARDS and learn how to teach in a crappy, inefficient way! *rolling eyes*

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